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NateAmyMy husband and I started this business after losing 37 pounds together.  We loved that it was something we could do together to make a difference in this world.  Our mission is to help you shed the toxicity in your life (negativity, excess weight, fear, etc.) and replace it with the bread of life!  We donate 80% of our income to performing random acts of kindness.  Whether you sign on as a customer or team member, we can help you shed for bread in your life.  I’m also in the process of writing a book. If you’d like to keep posted as to the status of the book, contact us and we’ll add you to our upcoming mailing list.

CUSTOMERS (to sign up, click ”products” above or click HERE)

If you’re thinking of signing up as a customer,  I can Skype or talk to you over the phone to answer any questions you have.  I will also introduce you to our team so you can get a better feel for your support system.  We have some amazing coaches who are very down to earth and easy to work with who’ve had tons of success under their belts.

We serve many countries and have a large variety of nutritional products to enhance your health and appearance (skin care, eye care, heart care, minerals, fruits, immune system booster, increase mental clarity, energy booster, free radical eliminator, sleep aid, cleanser and detoxer for your digestive system, etc. and even topical gels).  The thing that makes our products unique is they are a gel which, according to the Mayo Clinic, absorbs 5 times more than capsules so you save quite a bit in waste (and money).

But our most popular are our weight loss products which consist of the following regimen depending on your goals (each bag or box is a 30 day supply at $2/day):

1)  1 box of GRN for 2 weeks to cleanse and detox your body preparing it for the fat burning to come (you can skip this if you choose)

2)  2 bags of PRO (1 bag per meal replaced per month).  We recommend you replace your breakfast and lunch with these delicious shakes mixed with water/soy/milk then eat a healthy dinner.  We’ll give you some tips on snacks.

3)  1 box of FIT (Garcinia Cambogia) to take 30 minutes before your dinner to block fat and suppress hunger.  Dr. Oz says it’s the newest, fastest fat-buster there is!

We also suggest spending 1 hour per day in active enjoyment (pick a form of exercise you actually enjoy) and set aside at least 15 minutes for personal development (I will coach you on this part one-on-one to decide which method or process is best for you).

We host a fit challenge which enables you to compete to win a trip to somewhere tropical as a great incentive!

TEAM MEMBERS (to sign up to do the business, click ”work with us” above or click HERE)

If you’re thinking you’d like to take advantage of the business opportunity, we will challenge you to pick a 90 day goal, achieve it, and become a poster child for the product.  You’ll want to collect all the evidence you can so we recommend going to a professional to get your blood pressure, BMI, and any bloodwork done you feel will make for a great “before” and “after” story.  If you’re doing skincare or weightloss, pictures are great proof.  We will also suggest the above regimen to follow.

We would ask you to access our video on How to be Successful at Network Marketing without Selling, but we also have coaches who have done it the traditional way for years and have become multi-millionaires and are more than happy to help you get there too.  We have a very simple, step by step process you can follow which is easily duplicable and can be conducted with complete authenticity.  You can go to our coach Billy Looper’s website and view his Cash Flow Video for details.

Go to our Work With Us page for investment, compensation, and product details or go to Agel’s FAQ‘s page.  If you think you’d like to do this, let’s talk to make sure this will be a good fit.  The great thing about this compensation plan is we will be helping you build your business by placing people we personally sponsor through this website in your organization.

If you think you may have a hard time convincing your best friend or spouse to do this with you, see our Buddy Up page for ideas. It can really help to have a partner at your side.